Rainbow Cake

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After seeing lots of pictures on the internet of these pretty rainbow cakes I decided to give it a go for my youngest's first birthday. As a bit of a cake making novice this cake was surprsingly easy although quite time consuming!

First of all I searched for a simple victoria sponge recipe which I found here, however there are lots of recipes available or you may have a favourite of your own. As this recipe obviously makes one victoria sponge I doubled up on the ingredients to make extra layers. I have seen versions of this cake with 6 or more layers but I decided to do just four!

Once the sponge mixture was made I divided it into four portions to add the colour. On the practice run of the cake I used natural food colouring but found that I had to put in quite a lot to make the colour bright. Second time around I used food colouring paste (around half a teaspoon) and found that a small amount of this stirred into the mixture made lovely vibrant colours.

After the sponges were cooked I put a generous amount of frosting on each layer and piled them on top of each other. Then I spread a rough layer of frosting over the cake making sure it was covered all over. Once this had set I covered it again (slightly neater this time!) and then decorated it with smarties before allowing it to set again. When cut the cake looks really impressive and tastes pretty good too!

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