Toy Review: Lamaze Octotunes

Tags: baby toys, musical toys

Section: Reviews

The Lamaze Octotunes is suitable for children between the ages of 0-2 years. It has eight tentables which each play a different note when squeezed. This allows you to play simple nursery rhymes. It is brightly coloured and has a vanilla scent.

The octotunes is very appealing to look at, it's lovely bright colours attract my little girls attention quickly. It's vanilla smell is lovely and lasts a long time.The sounds it makes are a nice smooth tone and not annoyingly squeaky like some toys!

However the size of the octopus makes it difficult for my baby to handle and the tentacles are very hard to press for small hands. Whilst this is a great visual toy my daughter quickly becomes bored and usually discards it for something else.

Overall the octotunes looks and smells great but is maybe more appealing to parents than babies!

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