Toy Review: Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe is a 'classic toy' and teether, and has been used by babies for over 40 years. It is designed to be easy for babies to handle and safe for them to chew due to its safe rubber material. Sophie also makes a squeaky noise to stimulate baby as they chew!

Sophie is very easy for babies to hold and move around in their hands. My baby particularly loved to chew on the face and legs which are a good size for little mouths to have a bite on! The sound happens easily when pressed gently. My daughter became quite attached to the giraffe and quite often chose it from a selection of toys.

Whilst Sophie the giraffe has a nice retro style about her, she isn't particularly interesting for babies to look at and with the squeaking sound does vaguely resemble a dogs toy! It is also quite highly priced for the amount of play a baby may get from it.

Overall Sophie is a popular teething toy which seems to provide some comfort for a teething baby however it is hard to justify the price when there are many different teething toys around.

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