Toy Review: Melissa and Doug Doorbell House

Tags: preschool toys, imaginative play

The Melissa and Doug 'Doorbell House' is a small wooden house that comes with four doors, each with a lock and a matching key. Each door has its own doorbell and there are four people to go inside the space behind each door.

My daughter Ava received the Doorbell House for her birthday and instantly fell in love with it! It's great for imaginative play; she loves making the people go to each others houses and ring on the doorbells. Her younger sister is also a bit of a fan, enjoying pressing the doorbells and asking for 'more more!'

The lock and keys on the house add a really exciting element for children. These could help develop problem solving skills as they work out which way to put the key into the lock to make the door open. The keys are attached to the house with a handy strap to stop them getting lost, however this could have done with being slightly longer to stop it being too fiddly for little hands. Ava needs a bit of help with unlocking the doors at the moment but was able to help me match the keys with the correct door by looking at the numbered doors and keys.

This is a great toy to incorporate recognition and matching of numbers and the opportunity to talk about numbers in a playful context.

Overall this is a really unique alternative to a traditional dolls house with some really fun features.

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