Toy Review: HappyLand Windmill Farm

Tags: small world toys, imaginative play

The Happyland Windmill is a smallworld windmill house with stables built in. It comes with two people, four animals, a cart, two beds and a table and chairs. It plays a tune when the sails are turned.

The Happyland windmill farm is nice as a first small world toy for young children as it combines both a small house and a farm. My daughter enjoyed playing with this as a young toddler and loves to play with it now as she is approaching three. The moveable furniture and cart encourage lots of imaginative play. The windmill and parts are all very durable and the right size for little hands. The only downside is that it doesn't open and close so there is nowhere to store the characters and furniture to keep it all together; although this doesn't affect the fun it provides for children!

Overall the Happyland Windmill farm is a brilliant addition to any small world collection and provides children with hours of imaginative fun!

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