LeapFrog App Review: Disney Minnie's Bow-tique: Super Surprise Party

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Minnie Mouse Bow-tique is an app available for the LeapPad1, LeapPad2, LeapsterGS and Leapster Explorer. It is suitable for children aged 3-5 years. During the game, children help plan a surprise party for Minnie Mouse as we as well as helping run her "bow-tique" by making and sorting bows for her friends.

Before my daughter (aged 3 1/2) had even played the game she was really excited at the thought of a Minnie Mouse game and she wasn't disappointed! In addition, the party theme was perfect for her as she loves birthday parties and all things girly so this game was ideal for her.

There are a number of fun challenges in the game which have the added bonus of teaching children skills as they play. Children are able to help Daisy decorate the party room using a range of stickers and place them where they choose. This means children have practice at holding and controlling the stylus, promoting hand-eye coordination and I noticed my daughter was holding it with the pincer grip - great for fine manipulative skills! Making bows with Minnie also encourages precision using the stylus pen as the child follows a line and a circle shape to make the bow.

One of the most popular activities with my little girl, was dressing Daisy for the party. During this challenge children have to colour match the outfit (hat, dress and shoes). At the end they are able to choose an outfit of there choice and much to my daughter's delight this is the outfit Daisy wears to the party! During 'Ribbon Round-up' the child is helping Minnie to sort her bows and this also involves matching colours and patterns.

Another challenge is 'Butterfly Bows' which helps children develop letter sound recognition. The letter blend is sounded out for the child to hear and then they have to choose between two pictures.

This game keeps my daughter's attention and she frequently asks to play it again!

Overall this is a really fun game for preschoolers with lots to keep them busy. It allows children to be creative and practice and learn new skills as they play!

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We were given a full version of this LeapFrog App for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

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