Book Review: Santa is Coming to Colchester

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My sister-in-law kindly bought the girls a lovely Christmas book after her own daughter loved it. 'Santa is coming to Colchester' is part of the hometown world series which follows the adventures of Santa on his way to the town in the book.

'Santa is coming to Colchester' is a really fun Christmas story which kept Ava's attention as she eagerly listened to see what would happen to Santa next and whether he would deliver all the children's presents! The references to a town the child knows and the magical illustrations of familiar landmarks make it relevant to them, as well as building excitement about Santa coming to visit them soon. The links to the town feel really natural and not like they've just been slotted in place as in some personalised books.

The book is available for a large variety of different towns and cities in the UK including; Devon, Coventry, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton and many more. It is also available for different American states.

Overall this is a really sweet story with an original idea which makes it even more exciting for children.

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