Reading with Young Children

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Reading with young children

Research has shown that there are many benefits to reading to children from a young age. A large majority of knowledge is gained through reading and getting children interested in books when they are very young can foster a love of reading for life. A child is never too young to be read to.


  • introduces children to a wide range of language

  • can help children when they are anxious or worried or embarking on a new experience such as having a new sibling or moving house

  • introduces children to a range of different people, occupations, transport, animals, concepts, colours, numbers, shapes, the list is endless!

  • encourages imagination

  • develops and builds on a child's interests

  • provides you some quality uninterrupted time together with your child

  • builds listening, attention and concentration skills

Great books for reading with babies

  • cloth books
  • board books
  • lift the flap books
  • peepo books
  • picture books of simple objects

Creating Reading spaces for young children

The great thing about books is that you can read them to your child anywhere and anytime.

However it can be nice to set up a cosy space to welcome and encourage children to want to sit down and have a look at books.

Try to have just a few books in every room and make books accessible to children of all ages.

Making a reading tent or den provides children with a reading nook to settle down quietly and look at some books.

Ensure children are exposed to a range of different books and reading materials.....

Fiction books

Comics and Magazine

Recipe Books

Bath Books

Photo Albums books

Non –fiction

Great first books for Babies

Great books for toddlers

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