Baby Led Weaning Examples

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Alt Having a good suck on a piece of melon.

Alt Enjoying a breakfast of scotch pancakes.

Alt 'This eating can be a messy business!'

Alt Tucking into a chunk of banana.

Alt 'Mummy says eating my greens is good for me!'

Alt Exploring the texture of broccoli.

Alt 'Who says I need a spoon to eat yoghurt?!'

Alt Practising fine manipulative skills whilst picking up grated cheese.

Alt Diddy loving her first pancake day!

Alt 'How much food can i fit in here?'

Alt Time to try some advocado and yoghurt.

Alt 'I'm not to sure about the taste of this!'

Alt Enjoying some pasta with the rest of the family at dinner time.

Alt Having a quick snack.


Alt Chewing on a piece of toast.

Alt Porridge cakes at breakfast time.

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