'Whatever Next' Story Activities

Tags: imaginative play, story based activities

Section: Role Play

Explore the popular children's story 'Whatever Next' through role play activities to engage children in familiar stories.

The girls love their books and Jill Murphy stories are among some of our absolute favourites. We read 'Whatever Next' again to remind us of the main elements of the story and then it was time for some serious imaginative play! Both girls loved wearing the colander helmets and climbing into their box 'rocket' to fly to the moon (I'm not sure Olivia really knew what was going on, but wearing kitchen utensils on her head and getting in a cardboard box was very funny!). Ava went through each part of the story and when she got to the end started at the beginning again. She then added to the story , talking about how the owl went back to baby bears house and met the mummy bear.

To follow on from our imaginative play we had a look on Twinkl for some 'Whatever Next' resources and found some lovely printable colouring pages, sequencing cards and stick puppets to make. We also made up some blue, glittery (night sky) playdough to add our lovely new puppets to.

What we used:

  • a cardboard box
  • colander 'helmet'
  • a pair of (space) boots
  • teddy bear
  • owl puppet
  • toy food, picnic blanket, and picnic basket
  • 'Whatever Next' twinkl resources
  • playdough ingredients

Learning Opportunities:

  • Retelling stories, sequencing events, recalling parts of the story
  • playing imaginatively and using objects to represent other things
  • enjoying books and bringing stories to life
  • developing language and using vocabulary from the story
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