Valentine's Day Luminary

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Make a pretty Valentine's decoration using an upcycled glass jar and decorate with lots of heart shapes and pink sparkle!

These DIY luminaries are perfect for a Valentine's decoration or gift from your child. They make a lovely warm glow and a beautiful centre piece for any Valentine's dinner table!

What we used:

  • glass jar
  • coloured cellophane
  • white glue
  • pink sequins
  • tissue paper
  • heart ribbon
  • tealight candle
  • heart confetti

Firstly Ava covered the jar in the glue and then wrapped the jar in pale pink tissue paper (with a little help). She then added another layer of glue over the top of the paper, then came the fun bit - decorating! The jar was then sprinkled liberally with pink sequins, glitter and heart confetti, as well as some precut cellophane and tissue paper hearts. Once it was dry we added a heart ribbon around the top of the jar and lit a tea light candle inside. Ava loved the effect the light had when it shone through the pink paper and insisted on having a candlelit dinner - true Valentine's style!

How can this activity support development?

This activity allows children to be creative as they explore combining different materials and observe the effect of light on colour. As they handle the paintbrush and add the decorations they are developing hand-eye coordination and fine manipulative skills. The use of the candle provides opportunities to discuss safety around candles and matches, as well as exploring ideas such as shadows and silhouettes.

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