Spring Sensory Basket

Tags: sensory, small world, spring, Easter

Section: Spring

Explore a spring themed sensory basket to learn more about the features of spring.

The girls were really excited when they first saw the spring basket as its colours were really bright and eye catching. 'O' loved hiding the eggs amongst the shredded paper and holding the little chicks whilst saying 'cheep cheep!'. 'A' decided that it was an Easter garden and soon there were lots of farm animals added to the basket, as well as some visiting fairies.

What we used:

  • coloured shredded paper
  • plastic eggs
  • chicks and nests
  • small world rabbit and lamb
  • craft 'grass'
  • toy daffodils

This activity is good for:

  • learning through the senses- exploring sights and textures
  • developing imagination through small world play
  • learning about the different seasons and what happens at this time of the year (understanding changes in their environment)

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