Small World Scene : Fairy Garden

Tags: small world play, sensory, imaginative

Section: Sensory

Adding additional materials and play props to small world characters can really add to the play and enhance story telling and imagination.

What we used for our fairy garden:

  • pink playdough
  • feathers
  • pink salt (dyed using food colouring)
  • stones with glitter glue numbers painted on
  • pink and white pom poms
  • shredded green paper
  • lollipop sticks and green playdough (trees)
  • cut up sparkly pipe cleaners
  • sequins
  • lots and lots of glitter and sparkles!

How can this benefit your child's development?

Creating small world scenes can help develop a child's creativity and imagination. It can help promote language development as they use language to describe what the characters are doing, practice holding conversations and use language to introduce story telling into play. Using a variety of different media allows exploration of different textures. The scenes used for small world play can also help children learn more about their world and natural environment.

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