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Section: Role Play

Set up a role-play shop to help children imagine and re-enact familiar experiences through play.

We recently set up a food shop using a range of toys and real food (egg boxes, cereal etc..). Using the real food in addition to some toy pieces, helped make the play more relevant to their real experiences of shopping. Before we started playing, I made some simple price signs and labels which we then put up around our 'shop'. These can help children understand that print carries meaning and may help them start to recognise familiar numbers and letters. Ava also had a small notebook and pen to make a 'shopping list' whilst practicing making marks.

Ava enjoyed taking it in turns to be the customer and then being the person working in the shop. She used lots of language related to money and we had some very expensive shopping trips ('£300 please!'). Once we had done lots of food shopping she decided that the shop also sold books and toys- much more interesting!

What we used:

  • real and pretend food
  • trolley and a basket
  • price signs and labels
  • till and money
  • paper bags

Role Play can help children:

  • develop imagination and creativity
  • recreate their experiences through play
  • learn about the world around them
  • take turns and share
  • develop communication skills
  • use number names in play

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