Shiny Box/Basket

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Section: Exploratory Objects, Treasure Baskets

Shiny box/basket

Note: Never leave a baby alone with any of the objects listed. Whilst babies should be able to freely explore the items, an adult should always be closely watching ready to intervene if necessary. All items should be regulary checked for wear and tear to ensure they are safe your baby to explore.

A variation of a treasure basket which can be stimulating to babies is metal and reflective objects. These are visually appealing making them fascinating to babies and the great sounds they make attract babies attention.

Objects which you could include:

  • spoons
  • compact mirror
  • jar lids
  • tea strainers
  • silver foil
  • bangles
  • garlic crusher
  • metal egg cup
  • bells
  • colander
  • whisk
  • plug and chain
  • metal gravy jug
  • bottle opener
  • glittery ball
  • sparkly pipe cleaners

What benefits does this have to your child's development?

Metal objects provide lots of different sounds which are interesting to babies and help them understand cause and effect as they learn how they can make the sounds. The objects stimulate babies senses as they touch and feel the cold, smooth metal and see reflections in the shiny objects. Providing babies with exploring experiences encourages their natural curiosity which helps their brain make connections.

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