Shaving Foam Play

Tags: sensory, messy play

Section: Sensory

What's it all about?

Shaving foam is a brilliant sensory activity providing tactile stimulation for young children. A can of shaving foam can be picked up for under 30p and there are loads of fun ways for children to play with it.

Variations/things to add

- food colouring (makes great washable bath paints!)

- glitter and sequins

- whisks/spoons

- powder paint

- adding water to explore the effects 

- hidden toys and objects 

How can this benefit your child's development?

The texture of shaving foam provides children with opportunities for exploring and creating. It allows children to respond to what they see, smell and touch and make choices about how they wish to play with the foam. It is a nice alternative for children to experiment with making marks as well as developing fine manipulative and hand-eye coordination skills. Whilst playing with the foam a lot of language can emerge as the child talks about how it feels and explains  what they are doing. 

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