Section: Playdough

Sand dough has a different consistency to basic playdough and is easily made combining flour, sand, glue and water.

We recently had an afternoon walk on the beach; Ava enjoyed finding different treasures on the beach (lots of shells and stones!) whilst Olivia was exploring the texture of the sand. When we got home we experimented with making sand dough, a textured grittier version of the playdough we usually play with. Ava added her collection of shells and stones to the dough and investigated making patterns and marks in the dough by rolling the shells across it. We also added some sand toys to make some sea creature shapes.

What we used:

For the sand dough:

  • 3 cups of sand
  • 3/4 cup of water
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 tablespoon of white glue

We added:

  • shells
  • stones
  • rolling pin
  • fish and dolphin playdough cutters
  • crab, seahorse and sandcastle sand toys

How to make the dough:

  1. Combine the flour and water until it make a sticky dough

  2. Gradually add in two cups of sand stirring constantly - once this is forming a firmer dough, knead well

  3. Mix in 1/2 tablespoon of glue

  4. Add the remaining sand and knead until the dough becomes the texture of a rough feeling playdough

This dough is good for:

  • exploring textures
  • using descriptive language
  • developing strength in hands and fingers
  • helping children discover the natural environment and the world around them
  • observing what happens when different materials are combined
  • discovering making marks and patterns
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