Quick Play Ideas Round-Up

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Take a look at our range of simple play ideas for quick and easy play ideas to fill those rainy days and long winter afternoons!

If you follow our Facebook page you may have seen our 'quick play ideas' which are basic ideas which you can easily put together to keep your little ones busy at a moments notice. Here's a handy collection of the latest activities all in one place!

A really simple recipe for making delicious chocolate chip cookies.

We brought the snow inside for some digging and moulding with sand toys.

Snow visited the small world people in Happyland!

We played 'chefs' using toy food and recipe books (great for imaginative play and finding out about non fiction books)

We added straws to playdough to enhance imaginative play and develop fine manipualtive skills.

The left over pepper lids made an interesting alternative to paintbrushes and created some pretty patterns.

The teddy bears joined us for a picnic!

We created night sky pictures using white shimmery paints, star sponges and fingers to fit in with our whatever next themed activities.

We explored light, shadows and colour using torches, push button lights and coloured cellophane.

The girls had lots of fun washing used paintbrushes in bubbly water and enjoyed splashing and observing the colour changes in the water.

We practiced cutting skills using a knife and fork and scissors in playdough.

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