Preschool Dice Games

Tags: mathematical concepts, numerals, gross motor skills

Section: Numeracy

Enjoy playing some simple dice games to develop some early mathematical concepts and have lots of fun too!

After my three year old enjoyed our game of matching glass beads and numbers , I decided to play another similar game with her to continue to look at numerals and quantities. This time we played some games using a large dice which she is really interested in at the moment. Firstly she threw the dice, counted the dots on it and then matched the numeral to the number on the dice. We then added some pom poms for her to match to the dots on the dice before finding the numeral, encouraging one to one correspondence (matching one object to another).

Next we changed the game so that when 'A' threw the dice she jumped that number of times. After playing with the dice in this way she was soon subtising (instantly recognising the number of a group of objects without counting them). We then added the numerals and every time the dice was thrown 'A' jumped to that number. She really enjoyed this 'jumping game' and kept asking to play it again. Her little sister was soon trying to join in too, attempting to jump and saying 'one, two, one, two!'

What we used:

  • wooden numbers
  • large dice
  • pom poms

This activity promotes:

  • subtising
  • one to one correspondence
  • matching numerals and quantities
  • gross motor skills
  • counting in sequence
  • recognising numerals

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