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Make a small world scene based on the story 'The Princess and the Wizard by Julia Donaldson for lots of storytelling and imaginative play!

Here's our second book for Poppins Book Nook, a virtual children's book club!This month's theme is Wizards and being MASSIVE Julia Donaldson fan's in our house we choose 'The Princess and the Wizard'.

'The Princess and the Wizard' tells the story of princess Eliza who is given seven chances to escape from a wizard who has turned her family to stone! She changes her colour and shape to become different creatures to try and hide from the Wizard. The evil wizard keeps finding her until she finally finds a way to outsmart him.

We decided to make a small world scene based on the story using a combination of toys we already had and by making the other parts using simple objects. Firstly we painted the box and cut the top to represent the shape of a castle. We then made our wizard, fox, butterfly and grasshopper by cutting out and decorating the various shapes whilst including lots of glitter as this features a lot in the illustrations in the book.

Once all the pieces were dry (my daughter asked every couple of minutes if it was ready to be played with yet!) it was time to bring them together for some storytelling. My daughter recalled parts of the story and also added extra characters such as a teddy , which the wizard then threatened to turn to stone!

What we used:

  • pampers box
  • yellow and white felt
  • green foam sheet
  • paint
  • cardboard tube
  • happy land people
  • tissue paper
  • googly eyes
  • lots of glitter and sparkles!

This activity is good for:

  • enjoying stories and bringing them to life
  • developing language skills
  • imagination and creativity
  • recalling and retelling stories
  • matching and naming colours using the colours and animals in the story
  • talking about camouflage and how animals use it to conceal themselves

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