Playdough Outside

Tags: playdough, outdoor play, messy play, sensory

Section: Playdough, Sensory

Taking playdough outside extends play opportunities as children have access to a range of natural resources. Allowing children to make choices gives them the chance to express themselves and be in control of their play based on their interests.

Variations- things to add to the dough

  • feathers
  • stones
  • twigs
  • flowers
  • grass

How can this benefit your child's development?

Playing with dough outside allows children to be creative as they use the natural resources around them and add it to the dough. As they collect objects from outside it helps them gain an understanding of the world around them and what is in their environment.By manipulating the dough children are developing their fine manipulative skills and hand-eye coordination. The additional props available to add to the dough gives opportunities for imaginative play.

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