Hungry Caterpillar theme: tissue paper caterpillars and caterpillar themed playdough

Tags: story based activities, playdough

Section: The Hungry Caterpillar, Playdough

Circle Caterpillars

What we used:

tissue paper circles, glue sticks, googly eyes, a pipe cleaner, a piece of paper

A good activity for:

talking about shapes and colours, talking through activities, using positional language, talking about living things and nature, creating with different constructive materials with an overall purpose in mind fine manipulative skills and hand-eye coordination

Playdough Caterpillars and hungry caterpillar colours playdough props

What we used:

red and green playdough (made using uncooked dough recipe), googly eyes, a pipe cleaner, multicoloured lolly sticks, bright coloured pom poms

A good activity for:

encouraging imaginative play and story telling, fine manipulative skills and hand-eye coordination, comparing size of the balls to make the caterpillar and thinking about the lengths of the caterpillar, using colour and number names, experiencing the texture of dough, using different media to create and explore, experimenting with making marks in dough

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