Object Printing

Tags: painting, messy play

Section: Painting

There are so many different ways for children to explore paints and printing is a great way to experiment with making patterns and shapes with a range of different objects. Have a look around the home and you will find loads of different items to produce a variety of different shaped prints.


- Yoghurt pots

- building blocks

- cotton reels

- kitchen utensils

- bubble wrap

- toy cars

- shells

- string

- hands

- feet

- fruit and vegetables

- leaves

- playdough cutters

- welly boots

- egg cartons

How does this help children's development?

Painting with a range of objects can introduce children to basic mathematical concepts such as shape,  spacial awareness and pattern. It helps develop hand eye coordination. As children experiment they have the opportunity to develop language related to what they produce and describe what they are doing. Exploring freely with paint allows children to create and develop creativity.  

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