Magic Reindeer Food

Tags: Christmas

Section: Winter

Making 'magic reindeer food' on Christmas eve is a fun activity for excited children and encourages story telling and imagination.

What you need:

  • porridge oats
  • glitter
  • cinnamon
  • glass jar
  • reindeer food poem (optional!)

Firstly Ava mixed together a cup of porridge oats and a sprinkle of cinnamon and glitter. We then talked about how the food will help the reindeer's find her on Christmas eve, as they see the glitter sparkling and smell the oats and cinnamon!

There are some really sweet poems to go with your reindeer food (just type reindeer food poem into google for loads of variations). We then glued our poem onto the front of a small glass jar and poured in the food, all ready to be sprinkled onto the lawn tomorrow evening to entice the reindeer down!

Great for:

  • building Christmas traditions
  • using imagination to create stories
  • fine manipulative skills - pouring, mixing

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