Letter Treasure Hunt

Tags: literacy, mathematical, letters, imaginative

Section: Literacy

Encourage letter recognition by setting up a letter hunt using a treasure map.

What you will need:

  • a piece of paper ( to make it look more like an authentic treasure map I stained our paper using a tea bag, and added a few rips and tears!)
  • some wooden or plastic letters

Setting up a letter hunt:

Firstly I drew some objects from the room such as the television, tables and the rug. I then stencilled the letters onto the map to make it easier for Ava to match the letters when she found them ( we put two letters in each area so she distinguished between them and matched the letter on the map). Finally the letters were put into place around the room and we were ready to go!

How can this help your child's development?

This activity is a fun way to introduce letters and the sounds they make. It can encourage positional language as children talk about where the letters are and start to learn about direction. Gross motor skills are developed as well as imagination and story telling.

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