Letter Printing

Tags: painting, playdough, letters

Section: Painting, Playdough

Printing with letters gives children the opportunity to begin to learn sound and letter names. It can be a fun way to help children to recognise both individual letters and words relevant to them such as their name.

What we used for our letter printing:

  • foam letters (the ones which are usually used at bathtime!)
  • magnetic letters
  • paint
  • play dough

How can this benefit your child's development?

Printing with letters in paint and dough provides a fun way to introduce letters and basic words to preschool children. It helps children to start to recognise letters in their name and other familiar sounds such as 'M' for mummy, 'S' for snake etc...

Printing allows children to explore with making marks in different way. Talking about what words are being made helps reinforce the concept that print carries meaning.

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