Fireworks Fun!

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We are beginning to look forward to Bonfire night next week and have been busy introducing some fun fireworks activities. These activities can be a good starting point for discussing the tradition and history of Guy Fawkes night. They can help younger children explore and learn the names of different colours. Representing fireworks in different ways helps children express themselves and explore using a range of media.

Fireworks pictures

Create some simple yet beautiful fireworks pictures, using a range of different colours and adding plenty of sparkle!

What you will need:

  • black paper or card
  • shimmery squeezable paints


  • white glue and glitter


  • brightly coloured chalks

For younger children, paint dabbers make good firework effects!

Fireworks Sensory Tub

A firework themed sensory tub provides children with an interesting tactile experience as well as being visually stimulating.

What you need:

  • rice (dyed black)
  • small stars
  • lots of coloured glitter
  • bright pom poms
  • colourful matchsticks
  • sparkly pipe cleaners

Fireworks water play

Add a touch of colour to your water play to represent colourful fireworks and experiment to discover the result of mixing colours.

What you need:

  • water
  • lots of bubble bath or washing up liquid!
  • food colouring to drizzle on top

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