Felt Boards

Tags: mathematical, home made toys, letters

Section: Literacy

Make a simple felt board to make pictures, match number and quantities and develop letter recognition.

We made a simple felt board inspired by fuzzy felts (can anybody else remember having these when they were young?!). We glued a piece of felt onto cardboard and then cut out a variety of shapes, numbers and letters to add onto the board.

Ava enjoyed sticking the numbers onto the board and was interested in the way they stayed on. She enjoyed picking out numbers she recognised, such as 'Olivia's number one, 'my number three' and four 'how old I'll be on my birthday!'.

She also used the felt boards to create pictures putting together a square and triangle house, and then a circle into the sky as the moon.

What you need:

  • coloured felt
  • scissors to cut out shapes, letters and numbers
  • card

Learning Opportunities:

  • learn names of shapes
  • start to recognise familiar numbers and letters which are relevant to the child personally
  • match numbers with quantity
  • older children may start to put letters together to make simple words
  • design pictures using everyday shapes
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