Section: Sensory

Searching for hidden objects in feathers enhances babies natural exploratory impulse and the texture and bright colours of the feathers make it a sensory experience.

What you need:

  • a box or basket
  • colourful craft feathers
  • something to hide amongst the feathers (we used large shells)


Objects could be hidden in:

  • shredded paper
  • sand
  • cooked spaghetti

How can this help your baby's development?

At around 8 months to a year babies start to understand that objects exist even when they are out of sight (object permanence). Therefore looking for hidden objects can be an enjoyable game to help babies develop and reinforce this understanding; as they watch where an adult has hidden the object and set out to find it.

It can encourage babies to respond in a variety of ways to things they touch and see. This activity can also help babies learn and begin to use individual words such as 'gone' and simple phrases such as 'there it is!'.

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