Section: Playdough

Explore colour with some colourful playdough and matching accessories!

My youngest (nearly 19 months) is just starting to learn that objects can be different colours (most things are 'red' at the moment!). To reinforce her understanding of colours and their names we have introduced her to our colour baskets. Her big sister loves to go through the basket with her and tell her the colour of all the exciting things inside. This week we made some blue playdough to match this weeks colour basket and found all sort of different blue objects to use with the playdough, whilst naming each thing as she used it e.g ' blue feather, blue pompom etc.. She loved pushing the objects into the playdough and was repeating after her sister as she said blue.

What we used:

  • playdough with blue colouring (see our basic playdough recipe here)
  • light and dark blue pipe cleaners
  • blue feathers
  • blue sticks
  • blue pom poms

Extension/variation of this activity:

Make a variety of different coloured playdough, and play a simple matching game by matching each coloured accessory to the correct coloured dough.

This activity can promote:

  • colour recognition
  • fine manipulative skills
  • visual sensory experiences
  • learning and using new language
  • catergorising objects by their properties
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