Colour Play Space

Tags: themed play space, colour, sensory

Section: Sensory

Set up a colourful play space for lots of visual stimulation and opportunities for young children to learn the names of colours and the effects of colour mixing.

What we used:

  • different coloured bricks

  • rainbow scarves

  • coloured balls

  • colour books including: spot looks at colours, Poppy cat loves rainbows, Peppa pigs colours

  • rainbow rice
  • primary colour playdough for colour mixing (see our previous post on colour mixing dough here)
  • variety of crayons

  • pom poms

  • different colourful materials

  • paints in a sealed plastic bag for exploring colour mixing
  • a colour basket

Learning opportunities include;

  • exploring with colour mixing and talking about what might happen when two colours are mixed together
  • recognising and learning the names of colours
  • fine manipulative skills- turning pages in books, squeezing and manipulating dough, holding and using crayons, picking up rice
  • sensory exploration - visual, tactile
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