Cardboard Box Kitchen

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Section: Role Play

Make a toy cooker for hours of imaginative play, using a simple cardboard box!

The girls both love playing with their toy food and I've been looking out for a kitchen for them for a while now. However we have a serious lack of space at our house and so I (well my Husband) kept talking me out of it! Then recently I saw pictures on Pinterest of some fantastic kitchens made with cardboard boxes and decided we had to have a try at making one!

What we used:

  • cardboard box
  • roll of pink paper (we bought this from Tesco for £1)
  • 4 old CD's
  • 3 pasta jar lids
  • black paper
  • black marker pen
  • sellotape
  • scissors

The beauty of making your own kitchen is that you can make it whatever colour you choose (ours was pink as this tends to be a favourite colour with my three year old!). Firstly we cut the flaps off of the bottom of the box and then wrapped the box in pink paper. Next using the left over cardboard that we cut off, we stuck together a strip of cardboard for the back of cooker (and two triangles for the sides) and wrapped these in black paper, before connecting it to the main box. Next we used a knife to cut out three sides of a square on the front of the box for the oven door. All that was left to do then was add some buttons to the front (jar lids) and the hob to the top (CD's).

The girls have loved playing with their oven so far and have been cooking up lots of meals using their toy food. We also added some real saucepans and cooking utensils and this was when the role-play and re-enacting their kitchen experiences really begun. Now it's time to collect some more boxes to add to our kitchen - I'm thinking a washing machine next! The great thing about using boxes, is that once the girls become bored with it we can throw it away (or turn them it into something else!)

Playing with the kitchen is good for:

  • reenacting, imagining and role-play
  • using language to talk through experiences, have conversations, use words to label and describe
  • learning to share a larger toy together

Variations/things to add:

  • set up a table/restaurant - till, pens and paper for taking 'orders'
  • add dry pasta/rice/lentils/playdough

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