Canvas Painting

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Section: Painting

Painting onto a canvas gives children the opportunity to explore making pictures onto a different media and the end result makes for a lovely keepsake! A small canvas can be picked up for as little as 99p and gives children opportunities to experiment as they can paint over or change parts, unlike when they paint on paper.

What you need:

  • a blank canvas

  • paints ( we used some children's ready mix paint)

  • variety of different sized paint brushes

How can this benefit your child's development?

Painting is a great activity for children to develop their creativity as they have the chance to freely make choices without the fear of making a mistake or doing it 'wrong'. Painting can be a very tactile experience and is often relaxing for young children. It can also boost brain development as painting allows connections between the right and left side of the brain to occur. Using a canvas can help give children pride in their achievements and seeing their pictures displayed on the wall can boost self-esteem.

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