Create a Book Nook!

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Section: Literacy

Create a cosy, quiet area for your children to retreat to enjoy books, using really simple things from around the home!

Setting up a small and cosy space with some books inside, can be inviting for children to sit down and have a look at a book. It can be as simple as arranging some cushions and blankets in a corner of a room. When we set up little dens at home, the girls quite often choose to take books inside, and these book nooks give them a little private space of their own to sit and relax with a story.

Things we use to create a book nook:

  • pop up tents - quite often with a blanket over the top as 'a door!'
  • a wigwam
  • homemade dens - sheets, tables, chairs, blankets
  • large cardboard box

... and here's a few examples of the book nooks the girls have enjoyed!

Sharing books together in a tent

A cosy area to snuggle up and look at some books with blankets, pillows and a variety of different types of books

A private space to enjoy looking at books in a table den

My friend had a box den like this in her front room and my girls loved it so much we made our own one! After lots of play indoors, we added a piece of wood to weigh it down. We then put it in the garden, as an outdoor enclosed area where the girls could look at books.

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