Home-made toys: Baby Rolling Toy

Tags: baby play, sensory, home made toys

Section: Exploratory Objects

A round tin can make a great rolling toy for babies who are just starting to get on the move. Filling it with dried pasta makes a great sound and adding pictures gives it another element of interest for your baby.

What to use:

  • a round tin (we used a Twiglets tin! )
  • shiny paper
  • macaroni pasta
  • pictures of familiar people or objects
  • glue stick
  • sellotape

How can this benefit your child's development?

A rolling toy is a good way to promote a baby's physical development and to encourage a child to coordinate their movements as they follow it. It can also be a sensory experience; the reflective end acts as a mirror and the pasta make loud sounds as it rolls within the tin (or is shaken!. Adding photographs can help children recognise and begin to know the names of familiar people and objects.

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