Autumn Activities: Day Two- Autumn smallworld scene and Crushed leaves picture

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Section: Autumn

Small world Autumn Scene

Making a small world autumn scene can help children develop play ideas based on their own experiences of autumn.

What we used for our autumn scene:

  • leaves
  • fir cones
  • plastic tree (covered in crushed leaves!)
  • brown play dough
  • long grass

How can this help your child's development?

Creating small world scenes can help develop a child's creativity and imagination. It can help promote language development as they use language to describe what the characters are doing, practice holding conversations and use language to introduce story telling into play. Using a variety of different media allows exploration of different textures. The scenes used for small world play can also help children learn more about their world and natural environment.

Crushed Leaves Pictures

Crushing leaves is brilliant for exploring the texture and sounds of dried leaves.

What you need:

  • a selection of dried leaves
  • glue
  • paper

How can this help your child's development?

Crushing leaves can help children develop fine manipulative skills as they handle and explore the leaves. It provides a way for children to talk about the changing seasons and explore and experiment using their senses. Children may use descriptive language as they feel the textures of the leaves. This activity could also help develop creativity as they manipulate different materials to create an end product.

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