Autumn Activities: Day Three - Window Art

Tags: autumn play, seasons

Section: Autumn

Making leaf pictures for the window is a great way of collaging leaves, and the light shining through them really shows off the lovely autumn colours.

What you need:

  • laminator and laminating Pouch (sticky backed plastic would also work well)

  • range of different types and sized leaves


Instead of leaving the leaves all together you could cut them out individually to place around the window or hang some from twigs to make a leaf mobile.

How could this help your child's development?

Whilst arranging the leaves, children will be learning the names of different trees and the way the leaves have differed in colour. This activity can provide opportunities to talk about the size of the leaves and start to use size and positional language as they decide when to place them on the laminating pouch. Learning to use a laminator (with adult supervision) can help children to learn about using different tools for specific purposes and develop an understanding of how to use them safely. Displaying the picture on a window can help a child feel proud of their achievements.

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