Autumn Activities: Day Four - Autumn Printing and Autumn Shakers

Tags: autumn play, musical toys, baby toys

Section: Autumn

Autumn Printing

Using leaves and fir cones to print with paint can make some interesting shapes and patterns whilst investigating natural objects.

What you need:

  • leaves
  • paint (red, orange, brown, green and yellow)
  • fir cones

How can this benefit your child's development?

Printing with leaves and fir cones can help children develop hand-eye coordination. It can develop children's creativity as they freely choose which colours to use, explore with mixing colours and make their own marks. It can also be a way to experiment with making patterns.

Autumn Shakers

Making autumn shakers can give children a toy which makes exciting sounds as well as introducing them to different seasons.

What you need:

  • clear plastic cups or small plastic snack bowls
  • leaves
  • conkers
  • dried peas

How can this benefit your child's development?

Autumn shakers make interesting 'musical instruments' and help children to respond to things they hear. The different items inside the shakers can encourage discussions on volume e.g. the loud conkers compared with the quiet leaves. They can introduce young children to features of their natural environment. Shakers support children's gross motor skills (large movements) as they coordinate their movements to make sounds.

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