Autumn Activities: Day Five - Handprint Autumn Tree

Tags: autumn play, seasons

Section: Autumn

Making an autumn tree is a good way to encourage children to work together on a larger scale activity!

What you need:

  • cardboard
  • red, yellow, green paints
  • paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • conkers, dried leaves, conker shells (for underneath the completed tree)

How to make an autumn tree:

  • Cut out two tree shaped pieces of cardboard. Cut a slit from the top down to the middle of one, and from the bottom to the middle of the other.

  • Paint the tree and whilst drying begin to make lots of handprints!

  • Once dry cut out the handprints and stick onto the cardboard tree.

  • Slot together the two pieces of tree to make it 3D.

How can this benefit your child's development?

Making an autumn tree encourages collaborative working and can be a good way of encouraging siblings to do something fun together! As each stage is put together children are developing language as they talk about what they are doing and planning what they are going to do next. Whilst painting the tree with paint brushes and sponges children are gaining control in using mark making tools. Hand printing the leaves is great for exploring the texture of paint and coordinating movements to make marks.

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