Angel Delight

Tags: angel delight, messy play, sensory

Section: Sensory

Angel delight play is a brilliant sensory experience even for very young children due to the fact that it is edible. It can be used on a highchair tray within easy reach, on a tray or container on the floor or straight onto a mat if you're feeling brave! At around 30p a packet it provides affordable fun and is great for children to touch, make marks in, smell and taste.


For slightly older children additional mark making equipment such as combs and paintbrushes could be added , as well as changing the texture by adding colourful sprinkles.

How can this help your child's development?

Angel delight play helps children find out about new textures, discover making marks, develop hand- eye coordination, encourages investigative skills, develop manipualative skills and coordination. It also can be a way to help young children develop language as they use words to describe what they are experiencing.

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